Pocket Holsters

Before you drop a gun in your pocket, get a holster that's up to the task of concealing and protecting it.

Concealed Carry Clothing for Women

As more women begin to show interest in shooting and concealed carry, companies are developing products to meet their demands and desires—or at least what companies believe their demands and desires to be.

Fisch and Tips: Holsters, Part I

Picking a holster for concealed carry can be difficult. Here are the pros and cons to a bevy of holster styles to help guide your selection.

Vehicular Carry

NRA Certified Instructor Tom Marx begins his series on concealed carry methods with a look at how best to carry a firearm in a vehicle.

Workplace Carry

Carrying concealed at work, assuming you are allowed by local laws and your employer's policies, can be a difficult proposition. Learn the pros and cons of popular methods of workplace concealment to better prepare yourself for the task.

Versa Carry Handgun Concealment System

Have you ever seen a product or gadget a friend rigged up and thought, "Now why didn't I think of that?"

Carrying While Shopping

Have you considered the myriad difficulties associated with carrying concealed while shopping? Here are some great ways to overcome those issues.

Praetor Defense Holsters

The Praetor Defense holster provides a great option for concealed carry and competition alike. (Photos by Roy Lin)

How Do You Carry?

Finding the perfect holster for concealed carry is a never-ending quest.

Skyline Toolworks Original Clipdraw

Keep your handgun safely concealed without the need for a holster. Photo By Bob Boyd

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