Bullpup Battle

Associate Editor Ed Friedman, a man with no combat experience whatsoever, tries to argue for the bullpup-style rifle against grizzled SOF veteran and Rifles Editor Steve Adelmann. You pick the winner…


As for civilians who like guns, it is functional and fun to shoot. There are those who cry practicality and need. Sure there are better guns for this and that, but the FNH PS90 is a marvel of design, fun and cool.

FNH-USA FS2000 Standard

Fabrique Nationale, through its U.S. subsidiary FNH-USA, is offering one of the most modern, innovative and frankly atypical applications of the "bullpup" design in its FS2000 rifle—a semi-automatic-only variant of the company's F2000 select-fire rifle.

The Best of Bullpups

Without question, it’s easy to find yourself in sensory overload at the SHOT show, due to having so much cool stuff under one roof to gawk at.


Though its design is 33 years old, the Steyr AUG still looks like some sort of science-fiction gun.

Steyr AUG/A3 SA USA Gallery

It might look like a gun out of "Star Trek," but the Steyr AUG/A3 SA USA is available in our own time and makes a fine choice for home defense.

Israel Weapon Industries to Showcase Complete, Advanced Solution for Light Weapons for Military, Special Ops and Law Enforcement

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) will showcase a complete solution for light weapons for the military, special ops and law enforcement - at FIDAE International Air & Space Fair (Santiago, Chile, March 27-April 1), Israel Pavilion, Hall D, Stand 1a.

New Flattop Configurations for TAVOR and X95, and New NATO Cartridge Configurations for ACE Family

The New Configurations, available in several barrel lengths and calibers, retain all the original weapon features.

Steyr AUG to Be Available With Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel

The legendary bullpup carbine is once again available in the U.S.

Israel Weapon Industries Introduces Conversion Kit for 5.45mm for the X95 Assault Rifle

The new kit makes the bullpup platform capable of functioning as a rifle, carbine or submachine gun.

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