Smith & Wesson Model 19

Bill Jordan was over the heads of most handgunners in ways other than the fact he stood 6 1⁄2 feet above the ground.

Snub-Nosed Revolvers

We have gone through several successive years of intense development of concealed-carry handguns, the vast majority of which were semi-automatic pistols.

The Legion

It is amazing how often history plays its little ironic tricks on us. A defeat is when someone gets his ass beat, which is never a good thing when you’re supplying the derrière in question.

Revolver Rivalry: Colt vs. Smith & Wesson

Think there’s friction between 1911 and Glock fans? That’s nothing compared to the original head-to-head of Colt and Smith & Wesson.

Improving Colt's .38 Super 1911

Having a favorite handgun is OK, but turning it into a tack-driver is even better.

Classics: The C96 Mauser

When it comes to combat, guns need only go bang and hit their mark; aesthetics aren’t part of the equation. Enter the famed C96 Mauser.

A History of the .45 Caliber

Our nation’s military and law enforcement relied on .45 caliber sidearms throughout history for its numerous iterations of fight-stopping fodder.

Fightin' Iron: M1917 Enfield Rifle

Where the rubber meets the road, function matters a lot more than form. The M1917 Enfield Rifle excelled at function.

Fightin' Iron: The Trail Rifle

Call it what you will, a bolt gun that’s purpose-built and equally badass can go by many names...sort of.

Fightin' Iron: Remington 870 Shotgun

The timeless Remington 870 is 60 years old and has seen 10 million units produced. Wiley Clapp takes a look back at this legendary—and still relevant—defensive shotgun.

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