Snubby Ballistics

Shorter barrels are much easier to carry, but what are you giving up when trouble starts?

.327 Fed. Mag. Speer 115-grain Gold Dot

At 45,000 psi, the .327 Fed. Mag. the hottest-loaded defensive handgun cartridge on the market today.

Regular or Premium Bullets?

We have to make a decision every time we buy bullets or ammunition. Just as when we drive up to the gas pumps, we have a choice between premium and regular grades.

.45 Long Colt 250-grain Speer Gold Dot

The .45 Colt is not generally considered a self-defense cartridge, but the introduction of the Taurus Judge has changed that perception.

9 mm Speer 124-grain Gold Dot HP

Speer Gold Dot bullets have become a popular choice for law enforcement agencies. This is due in no small part to the quality of the ammunition Speer manufacturers and the ability of the Gold Dot bullet to perform very well in FBI terminal performance testing.

9 mm +P Speer 124-grain Gold Dot HP

+P ammunition offers the advantage of higher velocity and generally more tissue destruction at the sacrifice of more recoil and penetration.

.40 S&W Speer 155-grain Gold Dot

In his book "Street Stoppers," Evan Marshall predicts this load will have a one-shot stop percentage of 89.

135-grain Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel .38 Spl.

Speer specifically engineered this load to provide adequate expansion and penetration when fired from short-barrel (snub-nose) revolvers, without excessive recoil.

9 mm DoubleTap 147-grain Bonded Defense JHP

DoubleTap is an up-and-coming ammunition manufacturer that offers ammo loaded with premium bullets at competitive prices.

.380 ACP Speer 90-grain GoldDot HP

Is this the best .380 ACP load available? Find out if its terminal performance meets your needs.

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