1911 Carry Options and Techniques

The 1911 is arguably the greatest fighting pistol ever made, but it won't do you any good if you don't have it on you when trouble arrives. Here are some great ways to carry the bulky ol' warhorse on your person and in a vehicle.

Rifle Sling Roundup

Attaching a sling to your rifle will make it easier to carry and bring on target quickly.

Remington R1

Returning to its handgun-manufacturing roots, Remington's R1 combines the company's craftsmanship with a classic version of the venerable 1911.

Galco Summer Comfort for Lightguard-Equipped Guns

Finding a good holster for a handgun equipped with Crimson Trace's new weaponlight can be a challenge, but now there's a great solution.

New Galco Holsters

Two new holsters from Galco for concealed carry.

Galco M6X ALH Auto Locking Holster

Galco Gunleather is excited to introduce the M6X ALH Auto Locking Holster! Offering a high level of security but an extremely fast draw, the M6X ALH is the latest addition to Galco's extremely popular Matrix holster line.

Galco Announces Shield Holsters

Galco Gunleather is excited to introduce multiple holster fits for the new Smith and Wesson M&P Shield™!

Concealed-Carry Holsters for Women

Holster makers are responding to the growing number of women carrying concealed firearms with a wide variety of holster options designed specifically for ladies.

New Holsters for New Glocks

Fresh on news of the release of two new models from Glock, Galco introduces holsters custom-made for these exciting models.

Galco Concealable Magazine Case

If you've been meaning to take your spare mag out of your pocket and start carrying it on your belt, Galco offers a good-looking option.

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