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California Bill Threatens Iconic Gun

A bill mandating all airguns sold in California to look like toys passes the state Senate.

Sometimes It Ain't What You Think

Think California is nothing but a bunch of anti-gun hippies? You're only mostly right. There is a large group of firearm fans in the state, and we shouldn't forget about them.

Colt Adds Two New Models To List Of California Compliant Rifles

Golden State residents can now own two additional Colt ARs, both in the company's Match Target lineup.

After Ninth Circuit Ruling, California County Adjusts CCW Requirements

A ruling in California challenges the need to show "good cause" for a concealed weapons permit. Could this signal a change in the process by which "may-issue" states grant permits?

California CCW Ruling Appealed, County Applications Surge

California is experiencing higher-than-normal volumes of concealed-carry permit applications since its "good cause" requirement was ruled unconstitutional.

California's 10-Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

Decision a victory for civil rights in the nation's most populous state.

California Lawmakers Reject Background Checks for Ammo Purchases

Good news for firearms owners and shooting enthusiasts out of California, of all places.

Southern California County's Spike in Concealed-Weapons Permits Continues

After the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found California's concealed-carry law to be unconstitutional, some areas of the state have seen dramatic increases in the number of permit applications.

Report: California Ammo Ban to Cause Shortages, Price Spikes

California's ban on lead ammunition is having repercussions in the hunting community, as the true cost of the ban starts to become known.

California Gun Dealers Challenge Law Banning Window Displays

A California law banning the display of firearms in gun store windows is having its day in court.

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