Short on Ammo, Long on Time, Part I

Even when you can't get to the range, even when you don't feel like dry-firing for the umpteenth time, there are ways to train to prepare yourself.

Short on Ammo, Long on Time, Part II

There are things we can do outside of the range to prepare us for confrontation. Second part in a series.

Face Your Fear

We all have fears, both rational and irrational. Harness that fear rather than become paralyzed by it.

El Presidente

Jeff Cooper's legendary El Presidente drill is a great way to train for accuracy, power and speed.

Drawing from Concealment

Carrying a concealed firearm is not much of a way defend yourself if you don't know how to get the gun into action. Here are some tips to improving your draw when carrying concealed.

Dealing With Home Invasions

A home invasion can destroy your safe haven in an instant. Here is Sheriff Jim Wilson's advice on how to best prepare yourself to deal with an armed intruder.

Get in Shape for Shooting

Shooting is like any other sport, so you need to be in the best shape possible to perform. Whether for competition or self-defense, learn how to get in shape with specific exercises for running your firearm.

Get in Shape for Shooting Gallery

Exercise and dry fire practice can help make you a better shooter.

Why I Shoot IDPA

No need to buy a pile of special gear to shoot an IDPA match; just bring your carry gun in its holster and see how well you can handle the pressure.

How to Run Your AK

The AK-47 and its variants are combat-tough vets and can be formidable self-defense options—with the proper training

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