CMMG Dissent

First Look: CMMG Dissent Large-Format Pistol

No receiver extension, no buffer tube, and it's available in .300 BLK, 5.56 NATO or 5.7x28 mm.

First Look: UTAS UT9-M 9mm Pistol

A new large-format 9 mm, AR-pattern pistol that uses many standard accessories.

Adams Arms AA19 Semi-Auto Pistol Review

A compact 9mm that’s packed with features not usually found on your typical defensive pistol.

Signature Grip

Put in the effort to get a good consistent grip on your pistol, and you'll be rewarded with consistent results.

Developing A Smooth Concealed Carry Draw

Having a concealed defensive pistol does you little good if you have a poor concealed carry draw.

Handguns at Rifle Distances

With a bit of technique and lots of practice, you can use your pistol to get hits out to 300 yards and beyond.

Magpul MOE K2+ Grip

Magpul's MOE K2+ pistol grip for the AR-15-platform is a quick upgrade that adds versatility and control to your favorite carbine.

Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip in FDE

Hexmag's adjustable pistol grip for the AR-15 also comes in flat dark earth to match your favorite carbine.

Beretta USA Offers 10-Inch Pistol Rug

The 10-Inch Pistol Rug from Beretta USA is designed to fit all of the company's full-size pistols.

5 Best Ways to Carry a 1911

The 1911 is arguably the greatest fighting pistol ever made, but it's a large pistol. Here are the 5 best ways to carry this old warhorse.

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