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Winchester Dedicates New Centerfire Facility

The company dedicated its new facility in Mississippi after last year's announcement that the company would close its Illinois plant as a result of labor strife.

Dirty Jobs

Gunmakers help train new tradesmen and women to ensure America's manufacturing legacy.

Steyr Arms Hiring for Alabama Manufacturing Plant

Steyr Arms is looking for workers to fill its manufacturing facility located in Bessemer, AL, bringing an infusion of jobs and investment into the area.

As Some States Dismiss Firearms Manufacturers, Others Welcome Them

As lawmakers in states like New York, Colorado and Connecticut approve historically restrictive firearms legislation, leaders in other states are reaching out to manufacturers of guns, ammunition and shooting accessories to let them know their business—and their products—are welcome.

Good Triggers: A Must-Have for Self-Defense Guns

So, you've got a solid self-defense gun for concealed-carry and home defense. What should you do now? According to Sheriff Jim, make sure it has a good trigger.


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