The Meltdown

Since the term "meltdown" signifies things have gone bad, it is a fitting name for a drill intended to measure your ability to transition from a long gun to a handgun.

Short on Ammo, Long on Time, Part I

Even when you can't get to the range, even when you don't feel like dry-firing for the umpteenth time, there are ways to train to prepare yourself.

Short on Ammo, Long on Time, Part II

There are things we can do outside of the range to prepare us for confrontation. Second part in a series.

Achieving Zen - Strong Hand Drill

Mentioned in "The Zen of Shooting" is this strong-hand only drill.

Testing Your Rifle-Shooting Skills

Test your rifle-shooting skills with this old test endorsed by men like Townsend Whelen and Col. Jeff Cooper.

Panteao Releases New Paul Howe Video

Panteao Productions announces the fifth instructional video from Paul Howe.

Precision Pistol

Pre-program your shooting skills before each training session.

Near and Far

You may be able to swiftly get good hits as far away as 7 yards without forming a true sight picture. As the range increases, so will your need to use the sights on your handgun.

Lots of Dots

Print these targets to shoot the drill highlighted in the "Skills Check" department of Shooting Illustrated's November 2011 issue.

The Truth About Practice and Drills

Here are some simple tips to make your shooting practice work better and improve your abilities.

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