.38 Spl. +P Hornady Critical Defense 110-grain FTX

See how this new, purpose-built load from Hornady performs in gelatin.

Ruger Introduces 3-Inch LCRx

Ruger expands the LCR line of polymer-frame revolvers with a 3-inch barrel for the LCRx.

Bianchi Speed Strips

If you carry a revolver as your defensive sidearm, having spare fodder on hand is a must.

HPR 158-Grain .38 Spl. Ammunition

HPR's line of HyperClean ammunition now includes a 158-grain .38 Spl. offering for wheelgun fans.

.38 Spl. Winchester 110-grain Silver Tip (2- and 4-inch barrels)

Our expert tests this popular self-defense load in revolvers with two different barrel lengths.

.38 Spl. +P 125-grain Remington Ultimate Home Defense BJHP

Remington launched a new line of ammunition targeting the self-defense market, and the ammo functions as advertised.

135-grain Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel .38 Spl.

Speer specifically engineered this load to provide adequate expansion and penetration when fired from short-barrel (snub-nose) revolvers, without excessive recoil.

.38 Spl. Remington 110-grain SJHP

Standard bullets at standard velocities rarely get any credit, but they are most definitely worthy of consideration for self-defense.

Update on the Palm Pistol

I just received this email from Matt Carmel, designer of the Palm Pistol.

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