Streamlight TLR-2 Gallery

Will this light/laser combo from Streamlight survive six months trapped in our editor's freezer?

LaserLyte Announces One Laser Fits All GLOCKs

LaserLyte returns to basics with the patented RTB-GL rear sight laser that fits all GLOCK firearms.

LaserLyte SCCY Laser

Fans of the SCCY line of defensive pistols just got a laser option to match the SCCY's frame.

LIMA5 and LIMA7 from Sig Sauer

Advanced laser-grip module sights.

LaserMax Micro Rail-Mounted Laser

LaserMax introduces the Micro rail-mounted laser, the smallest and lightest rail-mount laser on the market.

Crimson Trace LG-437 for Kahr Pistols

Crimson Trace offers a Laserguard to fit popular Kahr semi-automatics, putting a laser sight on this popular line of concealed-carry guns.

Laser Mounting and Zeroing

Learn how to properly mount and zero a laser sight on a rifle or handgun with tips from a former SOF sniper.

Laser Ready

Firearm lasers are as thick as shoppers at Walmart on the first of the month.

Green Versus Red Lasers

Why do green lasers use more power than their red counterparts? Science!

Zero a Laser Sight

Crimson Trace's Public Relations Manager Iain Harrison provides a better way to zero a laser sight on a semi-automatic rifle.

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