New for 2019: Rock River Arms BT-9 Series

Offering a pistol-caliber carbine alongside two AR-style pistols, the Rock River Arms BT-9 series brings new, compact, easy-shooting 9mm options to the market.

New for 2019: Rock River Arms LAR-22 Tactical Carbine

Rock River Arms launched a new line of .22 LR training rifles, including a Tactical Carbine model designed to help AR-15 owners train easily and inexpensively.

New for 2019: RRA LAR-9 A4 Pistol

Rock River Arms incorporated new features in its 9mm AR-style pistol lineup for 2019, rolling out the LAR-9 A4 with an SB Tactical pistol-stabilizing brace.

5 New Rifles Seen at SHOT Show 2019

SI editors saw a bunch of noteworthy rifles we'll be working on over the next year. Here are five we saw on the SHOT Show floor.

New for 2019: Rock River Arms LAR-15 A4 SBX-K Pistol

Adding to the growing market of AR-style pistols, Rock River Arms brought its LAR-15 A4 to consumers, complete with an SBX-K pistol-stabilizing brace.

Review: Rock River Arms RRage Carbine

Rock River Arms’ new LAR-15 RRage Carbine is a stripped-down, fat-free AR-15 that still gets it done.

New for 2018: Rock River Arms RRAGE AR-15 Carbine

The all-new Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine provides the benefits and aesthetics of a monolithic-style design at a price consumers can afford.

Review: Rock River Arms X-Series LAR-6.8 AR-15

While the 6.8 SPC isn't as popular as other AR cartridge, companies still offer a host of rifles chambered for the round. The Rock River Arms X-Series LAR-6.8 AR-15 is specifically designed for this bigger brother to the 5.56 NATO.

First Look: Rock River Arms Fred Eichler Series Predator2 Rifle

Well-known hunter Fred Eichler collaborated with Rock River Arms to develop its new Predator2 AR-15 rifle.

Review: Rock River Arms LAR-47

If you're looking for an AR-15-pattern rifle chambered in 7.62x39 mm that takes AK-47-style magazines, the Rock River Arms LAR-47 might be right up your alley.

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