LaserLyte Ruger LCP/LC9 Laser

Because pocket pistols need lasers, too.

Laser Combo Kit: The Ultimate Practice & Plinking Party

Who says practice has to be boring? Not LaserLyte, that's for sure.

Train Between Training

There’s no substitute for professional training, but there’s a lot you can do to keep your skills fresh when school’s not in session.

Misconceptions About Pistol Sights

What’s that old saying? A lie, told often enough, becomes truth?

LaserLyte Lyte Ryder Universal Rail-Mount Laser

LaserLyte's Lyte Ryder is designed for handgun accessory rails with minimal space and matches flat dark earth frames.

LaserLyte Glock 26/27/42/43 Laser

Covering four generations and four models, the LaserLyte trigger guard laser fits many flavors of Glock handguns.

LaserLyte Laser Trainer Premium

Been looking to train with your snubby? LaserLyte has the answer for that.

LaserLyte to Offer Premium Pistol Laser Trainer

LaserLyte introduces the next generation of their widely popular LT-series of pistol laser trainers.

LaserLyte SCCY Laser

Fans of the SCCY line of defensive pistols just got a laser option to match the SCCY's frame.

LaserLyte Mighty Mouse Laser

LaserLyte offers a grip-actuated laser for the diminutive North American Arms .22 Mag. revolvers.

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