What Women Want in Guns & Firearm Training

Women are joining the ranks of shooters in ever-increasing numbers, but what can be done to ease their entry into what has traditionally been a male bastion?

Skills Check: Card-Cutting Trick Shot

While the experts make it look easy, so-called “trick shots” are just that, but practicing a harder one, like card-cutting can hone your everyday skills.

The Rifle: The Cornerstone of the Second Amendment

Rifles remain a vital piece of the gun community, from home defense to competition to hunting. Here, our Rifles editor explains why the use and ownership of the rifle is vitally important to the Second Amendment and American freedoms.

Injured in an Attack? Stay in the Fight.

In any sort of fight, the possibility of injury is real. Be prepared to do what it takes to keep fighting and prevail.

2018 Women's Innovation Product of the Year: LWRCI IC-Diadem

A clear winner in the 2018 Women's Innovation Product category, the LWRCI IC-Diadem AR-15 was developed after consultation with 140 women involved in The Well Armed Woman organization.

3 Essential First Steps for a New Gun Owner

If you're a brand-new gun owner, how do you familiarize yourself with your new purchase and safely handle the handgun? Here are a few first steps that will help with familiarization.

Skills Check: Countdown Drill

Testing yourself at different distances is a great way to change things up and work on potentially weaker areas of your shooting skills, and the Countdown Drill is a great skill-building exercise for varying distances.

5.56 NATO Ammo Comparison: 12 Popular 55-Grain Options

When it comes to .223 Rem/5.56 NATO ammunition, 55-grain FMJ rounds are popular options. But which of these bulk budget loads are best on the range? We tested them to find out.

Appendix Carry: Is It Safe?

The appendix-carry position has become increasingly popular in recent years, but the method isn't without its detractors. Is it a safe way to carry? Sheriff Jim considers the issue.

The Best Guns for Women

So you want to find the ideal personal-defense pistol for a woman? Gunsite Academy Instructor Il Ling New talks about her choices for the best guns for women.

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