First Look: HybridLight Journey 150 & 160 Flashlights

Looking for the perfect, multi-function, illumination tool to add to your preparedness kit? Check out the specs behind the Hybridlight Journey 150 and 160 flashlights.

The EDC Tourniquet: Development and Application

If you're committed to having a concealed-carry gun every day, then it's worth considering other EDC gear for daily carry, such as a tourniquet. Here's some background on this handy emergency tool.

Surviving Hurricane Irma: Lessons in Preparedness

Slammed by the eyewall of Hurricane Irma in Florida, contributor Kevin Creighton talks about what he needed to stay safe, secure and prepared during the storm.

Human Predators

Don't look like prey.

Essential Gear for Sheltering in Place

When disaster strikes, there’s often no place like home. But with the power out, water shut off and emergency services unavailable, home might not be the same for awhile. These products are a good start for a plan to help you maintain security, comfort and safety while you’re sheltering in place.

Essential Gear for Bugging Out

Sometimes circumstances dictate evacuation as the most prudent course of action. If you should have to pull up stakes and ride out a crisis elsewhere, there are plenty of products available to help you survive away from home. Here are a bunch that form a great core for your preparedness plan.

Act Now!

In our society, the honest citizen is not the aggressor in a violent situation—that is, he or she does not initiate the trouble. This stems from our natural belief that people who are behaving themselves should be left alone. However, for some this has come to mean that aggression of any kind is bad. They are the ones who act timidly and uncertainly even when the flag has gone up.


Discussing defensive plans with those who might be part of them is always a good idea.

Talk the Talk

A critical part of preparedness has nothing to do with gear, but everything to do with mindset. Here are some starter ideas to get your thinking on the same page as your training.

Zippo Outdoors Cedar Fire Starter

Need a quick, portable and reliable method of getting a fire started? The folks whose name is synonymous with flame can help.

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