First Look: SureFire 2211 Signature Watch

The 2211 Signature Watch from SureFire is designed to enhance the low-light capabilities of the handgunner with its built-in LED light.

Lessons from the Dark Side

A special IDPA competition may be the perfect grounds for testing low-light gear and tactics. It’s also an ideal way to train for self-defense in the dark.

The Fix: Light Fright

You bought a new light for your home-defense pistol and recently completed a low-light training class that showed you how to use it with the handgun in various circumstances. You thought you were all set to defend the castle, until yesterday, when you read several articles discussing how police in Colorado and Texas have had a rash of negligent discharges when using handguns with weaponlights attached.

Dueling Concepts

We sometimes run articles within a single issue that seem to produce opposing conclusions. There is a method to this madness.

Seeing is Surviving

Combining lights and lasers with low-light training is the best way to prepare for threats that come under the cover of darkness.

How to Properly Use A Weapon Mounted Light

Choosing the best weapon mounted light and learning how to use it properly are key components of a self-defense plan.

Make Your AR Ready for Low-Light Self-Defense

To defend yourself, your home and your family, being prepared for close encounters in low light is vital. Setting up your AR for nighttime self-defense is easy, if you follow these steps.

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