AR Upper-Receiver Build: Muzzle Device Installation

Whether you select a compensator, flash hiders and muzzle brakes, they are much more than eye candy.

AR Upper-Receiver Build: Fore-end Installation

From providing a means of accuracy enhancement or a mounting surface for accessories, a fore-end offers more than a location for your support hand. Fortunately, not matter which type you choose, installing one is easy.

AR Upper-Receiver Build: Gas Block/Gas Tube Installation

When compared to installing an AR barrel mounting the gas block and gas tube may seem easy, but when it comes to creating a rifle that’s reliable doing it right the first time avoids significant problems in the long run.

AR Upper-Receiver Build: Barrel Installation

Whether you’re building an AR for plinking or precision the type of barrel used and the manner in which it’s installed largely impacts both its accuracy, portability and use.

AR Upper-Receiver Build: Bolt-Carrier Group and Changing Handle Installation

Now that the forward-assist and dust cover are in place you can focus on adding the receiver's critical components.

AR Upper-Receiver Build: Dust Cover Installation

Having successfully installed the forward-assist assembly, the next component to install my an AR stripped-upper receiver is the dust cover.

1911 Sight Installation

With the slide’s internals installed, all that remains is to install the sights, but there’s more involved than merely tapping them into place. It doesn’t matter which sight you install first. (I started with the rear, and later regretted it, as the smaller size made the front much more difficult to install and drift into place.)

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