7 NRA Carry Guard Expo Workshops You Need to Try

Want to build your self-defense and preparedness skills? Here are seven workshops available to attendees at the NRA Carry Guard Expo you won't want to miss.

2018 Carry Guard Expo Now Selling Tickets

Interested in learning more about concealed carry and personal defense? The 2018 NRA Carry Guard Expo is the perfect show for you.

First Look: Vertx Weapon Guard Concealed-Carry Shirts

Designed to aid wearers in the comfortable carry and concealment of their personal-defense pistol, the Vertx Weapon Guard concealed-carry shirts are all-new for 2018.

SHOT Show 2018: CMMG MkG Guard 9 mm

CMMG took the innovative radial-delayed blowback system used in its MkG Guard pistol-caliber carbine and brought it out in 9 mm for 2018.

Review: CMMG MkG Guard .45 ACP Pistol Caliber Carbine

In today’s climate, releasing yet another AR-15-style carbine might seem puzzling given the crowded market—until you find out that the CMMG MkG Guard in question is a pistol-caliber carbine chambered in .45 ACP.

First Look: CMMG MkGs Guard in 9mm

CMMG added to its lineup of pistol-caliber carbines with the introduction of the new MkGs Guard carbine, chambered in 9mm.

Buy Tickets Now for NRA Carry Guard Expo and Workshops!

The NRA Carry Guard Expo will feature a number of educational opportunities, many free to show attendees, but some will require a fee to attend. Here's a look at the latter.

NRA Carry Guard Expo: Personal Protection Seminars

The 2017 NRA Carry Guard Expo offers an incredible number of industry experts who will teach attendees about the basic of personal defense.

On the Range: CMMG MkG 45 Guard in .45 ACP

Shooting Illustrated staff had a chance to take the CMMG MkG 45 Guard in .45 ACP to the range. Check out our video here.

Save the Date: Carry Guard Expo

The NRA Carry Guard Expo is three days of skill- and knowledge-building for personal protection and concealed carry.

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