Range Review: Henry Garden Gun

Firearms are and have always been tools, and the Henry Garden Gun is a tool with a very particular purpose.

I Carry: Bond Arms Rowdy Derringer in a BAP Pocket Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Bond Arms Rowdy derringer in a pocket holster, along with other essential EDC gear.

CCI Ammo Plant Highlights Impressive Safety Record

Through 14 years of operation, the staff of CCI's ammunition plant in Lewiston, ID, shot and tested more than 50 million rounds with zero safety incidents.

5 .22 LR Loads to Look For in 2019

With the .22 LR ammo shortage in the rearview, it's time to take a look at some new rounds on the market, as well as some comebacks. Here's how they performed.

First Look: CCI Clean-22 Ammo

Looking to cut down on fouling and buildup in your .22 LR firearm? CCI's Clean-22 lineup does just that, thanks to a specialized coating applied to each bullet.

First Look: CCI Quiet-22 Semi-Auto .22 LR

Keep your semi-automatic rimfire rifle running right without harming your hearing, thanks to CCI's new Quiet-22 loads.

First Look: CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR Segmented Hollow-Point Ammo

CCI expanded its popular Mini-Mag ammo lineup with the addition of a new .22 LR option that features a fragmenting hollow-point projectile.

Review: Aguila Rimfire Ammunition

When it comes to satisfying your rimfire-shooting needs, there’s one manufacturer that’s often (wrongfully) overlooked: Aguila Ammo.

Vista Outdoor Named Conservation Partner for Boy Scouts

Vista Outdoor was officially made the conservation partner for the Boy Scouts of America, and the company's brands will provide support to the company's programs.

Savage Announces 'Trigger Tour' Shooting Events

Savage Arms is inviting shooting enthusiasts to a new series of free, open-to-the-public events hosted at ranges across the country to test-fire many of the company’s firearms.

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