Using Range Rods to Check Barrel/Cylinder Alignment

Cylinder timing is just one critical aspect of a revolver's function. Checking the alignment between the barrel and the cylinder is also critical, and range rods are a must-have tool to examine this aspect of the gun.

Precision Pistol: Improving Your Technique

Trying to tighten up group sizes with your handgun? Here's how to address some of the common issues with pistol shooting, giving you more precision and an improved technique.

Skills Check: Three-Stage Security Drill

Here are some drills for security personnel and anyone else looking to sharpen their skills for speed and accuracy.

Beating the Clock: Timing & Calmness in Self-Defense

Rapid, sequential action is vital when playing Beat the Clock—for your life. Here's how timing, calmness and a cool head can help you stay alive.

Ammo Accuracy: 15 Loads in Three Different Guns

We often talk about different guns preferring different rounds, but how much variability is there really? To find out, we ran 15 different loads through three popular pistols.

Reloading 224 Valkyrie: Lessons Learned

With the launch of 224 Valkyrie, handloaders across the country began experimenting with this new long-range cartridge. Here are a few lessons one SI contributor learned through this process.

Testing the Accuracy of a Rifle

Most rifles can be shot accurately, but not all methods result in truly accurate shooting. Here are some of the differences between shooting practically and shooting for precision.

Barrel Twist Rates: Can They Impact Bullet Expansion?

Do barrel twist rates do more than just make a bullet accurate? The experience of two Remington engineers shows that they can do much more than that.

Handgun Handling: It Starts With Stance

There's lots of debate over proper handgun handling, and stance is one of the key issues discussed by today's experts. Here are some thoughts from a handgun handler with half a century behind a gun.

Handgun Rifling: Bullet Weights & Barrel Twists

Does the rifling-twist rate in your handgun impact accuracy when used with different-weight bullets? Is there a best bullet for your barrel's twist rate? We examine the issue here.

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