Spare Gun Parts: Why You Need Them Now

When it comes to firearm maintenance, anticipate the unexpected and keep spare parts on-hand, especially for any gun you depend on.

Muzzle-Device Modification: Tools, Tips & Techniques

When it comes to DIY rifle modification, a few simple guidelines can help you avoid any unwanted outcomes.

Skills Check: Cleaning & Ammo Cycling Drill

How long has it been since you last cleaned and oiled your concealed-carry pistol and cycled out your carry ammo? Here's a good drill to make use of those old rounds.

Tightening Grip Screws: Tips & Tricks

Always tightening up the screws on your grips, holsters and other accessories? Here are a few options that'll keep them in place.

AR-15 Cleaning Essentials: 5 Must-Have Maintenance Accessories

Looking for additional cleaning tools that make maintaining your AR-15 easier than ever? Check out these five maintenance tools and accessories here.

Rough-Bore Revival: Sentry Smooth-Kote Review

Recently, a Shooting Illustrated reader wrote in about how to deal with a rough bore on this pistol. We tried out some Smooth-Kote from Sentry Solutions to see how well it might deal with such a situation.

Pistol-Mounted Red-Dot Sights: Pros and Cons

Adding a red-dot sight to your pistol is a big decision. Know the benefits and drawbacks before committing to one.

Gun Lube: How Much Is Too Much?

A book could be written about firearms lubrication with all of the facts and fiction concerning the subject. Here, we address the common question of lubing up your concealed-carry pistol.

Rust-Prevention Tips for Your Guns

It is said that politicians and rust are a firearm’s only natural enemies. We have the NRA to help with the former. Here’s how you can stave off the latter.

Tips to Remove Lead From Your Handguns

I am a big fan of shooting lead bullets in my handguns because they are inexpensive, easy to load and easier on the barrels than jacketed variants.

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