First Look: American Tactical FXH-45M Moxie Handgun

American Tactical, Inc., recently introduced the FXH-45M Moxie, a 1911-style handgun with plenty of options for upgrades and accessories.

First Look: American Tactical Bull-Dog Shotgun

American Tactical introduces a new shotgun model, called the Bull-Dog.

First Look: American Tactical 60-Round AR-15 Magazine

Designed as a slim, stick-style magazine with increased capacity, the latest from American Tactical doubles the standard capacity of an AR-15 magazine.

New for 2019: ATI Purple GSG Firefly

Looking for a splash of color in your rimfire-training pistol? Check out the latest addition to the American Tactical Imports GSG Firefly handgun lineup.

New for 2019: American Tactical Nomad Shotgun Series

Made in Turkey and priced inexpensively, American Tactical offers its Nomad series of shotguns for firearm fans on a budget.

First Look: American Tactical Road Agent Shotgun

The Road Agent shotgun is the latest in the Cavalry lineup from American Tactical.

First Look: American Tactical Shotgun Ammo

American Tactical Imports, known for its line of affordable shotguns, introduced its new shotgun ammo line to pair up with the company's guns.

GSG FireFly From American Tactical

The FireFly is the latest to the American Tactical and GSG .22 LR line.

American Tactical Introduces the FX-H Hybrid 1911

American Tactical, pioneers of the Omni Hybrid MAXX Series of products, announces the first of its kind FX-H Hybrid 1911 handgun to the line-up of quality polymer-based firearms.

American Tactical Polymer .45 ACP

Could there be any more appropriate time to introduce a new 1911-based pistol than on the birthday of John Moses Browning?

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