American Eagle Fresh Fire Pack 5.56 NATO

Ammunition that's packaged for storage in amounts that make sense? American Eagle's Fresh Fire Packs for 5.56 NATO certainly hit the mark.

.300 AAC Blackout Federal American Eagle 220-grain OTM

See how this cartridge performs in our .300 AAC Blackout factory ammunition round-up.

62 Grains of Excellence

Revisiting M855 Green Tip accuracy with some new options for your ARs. The results may surprise you, and may make you want to take a trip Down Under.

.45 ACP American Eagle 230-grain FMJ

This load has survived 100 years and has taken American soldiers through every conflict since the Great War.

.327 Fed. Mag. 100-grain JSP

Federal considers this a plinking or practice load, but tests in 10 percent ordnance gelatin from a 4-inch-barreled Ruger GP 100 show this bullet will expand fairly well.

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