Range Review: Arsenal SAM7SFK-80R

Of all the AK patterns on the market, getting hands on a Krinkov-style rifle can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, Arsenal of Bulgaria is filling the need with its accessible SAM7SFK-80R model.

First Look: Silent Legion SL-AK Suppressor

Though suppressors have become more popular in recent years, AK owners have often been left in the dust. However, Silent Legion is changing all that with its SL-AK suppressor.

Range Review: M+M Industries M10X

What happens when you simplify the AK even further and add in AR-level accuracy? You get a gun like the M+M Industries M10X. Check out the details here.

Accurizing the AK-47 With Creative Arms

The AK platform is known for being rugged and reliable, but not so much for accuracy. However, Creative Arms is changing that with guns like its ARK.

New for 2019: Century Arms PSL 54

Outfitted like a classic Dragunov, the new Century Arms PSL 54 is build on a Romanian RPK clone and offers consumers a chance to own lookalike of a famous Soviet sniper rifle.

Review: Bushnell 1-4x24 AK Optic

Looking for an inexpensive optic for your favorite AK-47-pattern rifle? Bushnell has just the thing in its 1-4x24 mm scope.

US PALM Brand and Legacy Products Return

After closing in August 2017, well-known AK accessories manufacturer US PALM is back in the market and is planning new product launches for SHOT Show 2019.

5 Gear Items for Summertime EDC

Hot weather means a change in wardrobe, which may mean altering your EDC gear. The following products will help you stay prepared over the summer.

9 New Modern Sporting Pistols for 2018

One of the hottest firearm variants on the market are pistol versions of today's popular modern sporting rifles. Here are nine of the newest options on the market in 2018.

First Look: Red Army Standard 7.62x39 Ammo

Century Arms' Red Army Standard brand brought back its popular 7.62x39 ammo offering last year and is importing select quantities for American consumers.

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