3-Gun Nation Announces 2017 Championship Schedule

For 2017, 3-Gun Nation is sponsoring five championship matches and is offering new opportunities for its members.

3-Gun National Championship & Shooting Sports Expo Headed to Virginia

The 3-Gun Nation Championship & Shooting Sports Expo is coming to Virginia International Raceway Oct. 7-9 in Alton, VA.

Competitive Shooting for Training and Fun

Tired of putting holes into paper at your local range? Here’s how to get into competitive shooting and find a fun way to improve your skills for self-defense.

STI Marauder Pistol

STI’s new Marauder seizes glory in both competition and defense.

3-Gun Nation Heats Up at Virginia International Raceway

3-Gun Nation heats up at VIR televised Pro Series and local club series event this week.

3-Gun Nation Comes to Birmingham

The popular 3-gun-based shooting competition show comes to a local range in Alabama.

From 3-Gun to Home Defense

How can 3-gun benefit your home-defense plan? If you watch closely enough, you might get some solid ideas for preparation.

ArmaLite M-15 3-Gun Rifle

With a national 3-gun champion as company president, is it any wonder ArmaLite knows how to build a competition rifle?

Ten ARs For Under $1,000

The AR-buying frenzy has subsided, but that has made for some good deals on a host of solid rifles. Here are 10 ARs that list for around $1,000, but actually retail for much less.

LMT SLK8 Rifle

The attributes that make the Lewis Machine & Tool SLK8 competitive on 3-gun racetracks serve it well in self-defense.

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