First Look: Liberty Suppressors Vector .22 LR Suppressor

The new Vector .22 LR suppressor from Liberty Suppressors is designed with an easily disassembled design, making maintenance a cinch.

First Look: Silent Legion .300 Norma Mag. Suppressor

Catering to the growing popularity of the .300 Norma Mag. cartridge prized by long-range shooters, Silent Legion offers a purpose-built suppressor to quiet shots and reduce recoil.

Choosing the Right Suppressor for Shooting & Security

When shopping for a sound suppressor, there are many choices and perhaps compromises to be made. If you're looking for a suppressor for the range and for home defense, here's what to consider.

New for 2018: Springfield Armory XD(M) OSP

Shipping with two different barrels and a red-dot optic, the Springfield Armory XD(M) OSP is built to offer a range of options to the consumer.

First Look: Samson US-Standard AK-47 Thread Adapters

Looking to add a suppressor to your 9 mm AK-47-style rifle? Samson Manufacturing has exactly what you need with its AK-47 thread adapters.

First Look: AAC Jaeger 30 Suppressor

Designed for single-shot rifles in the field, the AAC Jaeger 30 suppressor is built to be light and compact.

Seen at SHOT Show 2019: SIG Sauer SUR300

SIG Sauer developed an all-new MCX conversion kit for AR owners in the form of its SUR300, giving shooters a suppressed upper-receiver group that's compact and quiet.

WATCH: SIG Sauer SUR300 Suppressed Upper Receiver

Compatible with the company's MCX lower receivers, the SIG Sauer SUR300 provides a 16.1-inch system complete with a pinned-and-welded suppressor.

First Look: TacSol Aeris Suppressor

For rimfire rifle and pistol fans, 2019 brought a new, compact suppressor to the market in the form of the TacSol Aeris suppressor.

First Look: Liberty Suppressors Zulu Integral 5.56 NATO Upper Receiver

Want a suppressed 5.56 NATO upper without all the blowback and other associated issues? Liberty Suppressors developed its Zulu Integral 5.56 NATO upper receiver to provide just that.

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