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Failure Drill

The origin of the saying "two to the body, one to the head..."

Handgun Slide Manipulation

You cannot run a semi-automatic handgun without operating the slide, and there are several different ways for you to perform this task.

Talking Double

Some defensive handgunning terms require further explanation. Such is the case with the double tap, hammer and controlled pair.

Does Your AR Have a Built-In Miss?

Shooting an AR-15 at room-clearing distances may require you to rethink how you see your target.

The 250 Drill

Back in the dark ages when Jeff Cooper established the American Pistol Institute (API) at Gunsite Ranch, his initial course offering was API 250, a five-and-a-half day pistol class.

Lightning-Fast Loading

Most top 3-gun competitors will agree, being able to load a shotgun quickly can be the difference between winning and losing.

Insider Strategy

Make the most of your practice time indoors by following a few simple guidelines.

Panteao Releases New Paul Howe Video

Panteao Productions announces the fifth instructional video from Paul Howe.

Buck to Slug

Learn how to practice quickly transitioning your shotgun's ammo for close- and long-range self-defense.

Unleaded Workout

Budgets and work schedules make it nearly impossible to find time—much less money—to send hundreds of rounds downrange every week. But with a safe and sensible approach, dry-fire practice can improve your technique.

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