Skills Check: The 5-5-5 Drill

The 5-5-5 Drill is easy to set up—but difficult to master—and will sharpen your concealed-carry skills.

Skills Check: 7x7x7 Drill

The 7x7x7 Drill, inspired by SIG Sauer-sponsored shooter Max Michel, will teach you how fast you really are.

The Mozambique Drill: A History and How To

The origin of the saying "Two to the body, one to the head," comes from the Mozambique Drill, also referred to as the Failure Drill.

The Bill Drill: A History and How-To

The Bill Drill is one of the more common pistol training drills, and there are some unknowns in its origins. Check out the full story here.

Skills Check: Pistol Dot Torture

With just a box of ammo and a single target, you can have a full-skills workout when practicing the Dot Torture drill.

Trigger Jerk: How to Solve It

The objective of shooting is hitting your target. When shooters pull the trigger on demand, they often jerk it, causing a missed shot. Here's how to solve your trigger-jerk problem.

Skills Check: 10-Yard Bullseye Drill

Getting bored of drilling the bullseye up close? Why not take a step back to 10 yards and see how you perform farther out with this skills check?

The 21-Foot Rule: Why Is It Important?

Most shooters know that a knife-wielding bad guy can cover 21 feet in the time it takes you to draw your handgun and bring it on target, but why is it important practical self-defense?

Skills Check: Two-Target Handgun Drill

Want to incorporate movement, faster target acquisition and better accuracy into your practice routine? Try this two-target drill with your personal-defense handgun.

Skills Check: AR-15 Reloading Drills

For those who rely on an AR-15 for home defense, practicing reloads is a little more complicated than with a handgun.

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