The Truth About Pistons

If 2009 was the year of the AR, this year is shaping up to be the year of the gas-piston operating system.

Tips for Mounting a Light to an AR

Hanging a tactical light off your AR is practically a requirement to avoid embarrassment at the range these days.

Spike's Tactical ST Vanguard Gallery

Spike's Tactical ST Vanguard

Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Gallery

Rock River Arms takes AR development to the next level with its new LAR-PDS Carbine, a fine example of just how far the platform has come in half a century.

Blackheart International BHI-15 SPR

Well-armed citizens have been crisscrossing Appalachian footpaths since our nation's earliest days. Explorers, pioneers and settlers carefully picked their way through this mountainous region as they pushed the "civilized" frontier ever westward.

Lancer Systems Introduces New Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard

Lancer Systems introduced its Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard (LCH) for AR pattern rifles.

STI Tactical Sporting Rifle

STI International is a Texas-based firearm manufacturer that generally conjures a myriad of images involving numerous evolutionary phases of John Browning's 1911.

12-Gauge Shotgun vs. AR-15 for Personal Defense

A 12-gauge shotgun and an AR-15 both have advantages and disadvantages. Which one should you grab for personal-defense use?

Chest Rigs

To carry vital gear for your AR-15 without adding too much bulk and weight, consider a chest rig.

Del-Ton Incorporated Now Shipping DTI Extreme Duty Modern Sporting Rifle

Del-Ton Incorporated has begun shipping its new DTI Extreme Duty AR-15 style modern sporting rifle (MSR).

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