CRKT Heiho Folder

CRKT's Heiho folder brings a rock-solid James Williams-designed knife to your pocket.

Brad Thor on AKs

Best-selling author Brad Thor explains why the AK and MP5, among other high-speed guns and gear, play major roles in his latest novel.

CRKT Niad Climbing Knife

Designed by a climber as a super lightweight tool for other climbers, the Niad by CRKT is a streamlined, purpose-built tool.

Ruger / CRKT Go-N-Heavy Folder

Much like the firearms in the Ruger line, the Go-N-Heavy is ridiculously sturdy and overbuilt.

CRKT Hyphenate Knife

Whether for camping, climbing or just having on your person at all times, CRKT's Hyphenate fixed-blade knife combines lightweight construction and utility.

CRKT Bivy Multitool

A multitool that works like a pocketknife? What will they think of next?

CRKT Snap-On Relay Pocketknife

Whether a fan of the tool company or just a good knife, you'll appreciate the CRKT / Snap-On Relay knife.

CRKT's Homefront Folding Knife

The new Homefront folding knife from CRKT blends classic style with a futuristic design.

CRKT Homefront Folding Knife

The CRKT Homefront knife is old-school, with a very new-school twist.

CRKT Tighe Tac Two Tanto Knife

CRKT and Brian Tighe came out with the next generation of the Tighe Tac knife.

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