Tips for Glass-Bedding a Rifle

Glass-bedding a rifle is a great way to improve accuracy, but there are important tips to follow to ensure it gets done correctly.

Self Defense and Your Vehicle

Sheriff Jim offers tips on staying safe on the road.

Fisch and Tips: Holsters, Part I

Picking a holster for concealed carry can be difficult. Here are the pros and cons to a bevy of holster styles to help guide your selection.

Mistakes to Avoid

A variety of common errors can prevent you from realizing your full potential with a handgun.

Change Your Practice at the Range

Practicing against a static target at a known distance in bright light with your gun out of the holster might be fun, but it's not the best way to train for self-defense.

Binocular Tips

Often overlooked by shooters who don't hunt, binoculars can be a very useful tool at any outdoor range.

Center Hits

"One can't miss fast enough to catch up."

Say What?

Adequate hearing protection is a key element of firearm safety.

Leveling Riflescopes

Learning how to properly level a riflescope can help improve your accuracy.

The Sound of One Hand Shooting

While most of us train with our weak hands, how many have actually put some thought behind the rest of the story—why we're fighting with our weak hand?

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