The Mozambique Drill: A History and How To

The origin of the saying "Two to the body, one to the head," comes from the Mozambique Drill, also referred to as the Failure Drill.

The Scout Rifle: Where Did It Come From?

Let's be clear about this: Col. Jeff Cooper did not invent the Scout Rifle. He merely coined the phrase and suggested the concept—and he didn't do that all by himself, either.

Skills Check: El Presidente Drill

Jeff Cooper's legendary El Presidente drill is a great way to build accuracy, power and speed skills.

The Great Shooting Stance Feud

The 1911 vs Glock or 9mm vs vs .45 ACP dustups were just flashes in the pan compared to this feud.

Can an AR be a Scout?

DPMS’s GII MOE goes head to head with three scout rifles to see if it can meet Col. Cooper’s requirements.

How To Properly Use a Sling

Shooting with a speed sling gives you a better platform for engaging targets at distance.

Fightin' Iron: The Trail Rifle

Call it what you will, a bolt gun that’s purpose-built and equally badass can go by many names...sort of.

Situational Awareness for Personal Defense

Sheriff Jim talks about situational awareness, the Cooper Color Code and why individuals need to stay alert.

Col. Jeff Cooper's Modern Technique of the Pistol

Through the 1960s and into the 1970s, Col. Jeff Cooper began to develop a discipline for the fighting pistol that came to be called The Modern Technique of the Pistol.

Bookshelf: The Scout Rifle: Its History and Place in the 21st Century

Col. Jeff Cooper envisioned the scout rifle as a do-it-all tool for hunting and defense. SI Ammo Editor Richard Mann covers the development and use of the gun here.

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