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The New 250 Drill Skills Check

Evolution can be defined as any process of growth or development. Applying this to a training doctrine, we have seen a continual evolution of the Modern Technique since Jeff Cooper came down from the mountain and introduced it to the world through the training program at a place now referred to simply as Gunsite.

Skills Check: The Bill Drill

The Bill Drill is one of the more common pistol training drills, and there are some unknowns in its origins. 

Twenty-One Feet

Most shooters know the axiom a knife-wielding bad guy can cover 21 feet in the time it takes you to draw your handgun and bring it on target, but what does that mean for practical self-defense?

Skills Check: The Hostage Presidente Drill

Shooting quickly and accurately is of utmost importance to effective self-defense. Here’s a hostage drill, based on the popular El Presidente, that combines both.

Skills Check: The 3-Second Drill

Practice your shooting fundamentals with this straightforward yet challenging drill.

Skills Check: The Compass Drill

North, South, East, West; keep practicing to shoot your best.

Why You Should Train with the Handgun You Carry

No matter what size pistol you carry for personal protection, practice is essential.

Weak-Hand Only: A Critical Shooting Skill You Need to Know

Being able to shoot weak-hand only (WHO) accurately is a critical, but often-overlooked skill you probably should practice more often.

Skills Check: Concealed-Carry Pistol Control Drill

Looking to see how well you can handle your pistol? Try this seemingly simple drill.

The Perfect Shooting Drill to Save Ammo

As far as I can tell, ammunition remains expensive and in short supply, so here’s another drill that consumes only 10 rounds. But there’s a problem: It’s a bit addictive and you may want to shoot it several times and with several variations.

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