CZ USA 600 Lux rifle

First Look: CZ-USA 600 Lux Rifle

The 600 Lux rifle from CZ USA offers European heritage, sub-MOA accuracy, timeless good looks and an affordable price.

Zel Custom Tactilite T1 in .338 Lapua Mag.

The modularity of modern firearms is one of their appealing features, and the Tactilite T1 from Zel Custom takes modularity to a whole new level.

Zel Custom Tactilite T1 in .338 Lapua Mag. Gallery also did an in-depth review of the T1.

Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon

The Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon defines tactical by its accuracy-driven performance.

Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon Gallery

Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon

Remington 700

A legendary military and hunting rifle, the Remington 700's origins are younger than most similarly sought after long arms. (photo courtesy of National Archives/John Plaster)

Barrett MRAD Gallery

With surprisingly low recoil, uncompromising accuracy and the ability to stay on target after barrel swaps, the Barrett MRAD redefines .338 Lapua Mag. precision and performance.

Leupold VX-6 4-24×52 mm

For the dedicated long range shooter, optics of the highest quality are a serious investment. Leupold's excellent VX-6 series now has a long range addition that's worth investigating.

The Utility Rifle

Col. Jeff Cooper pioneered the concept of the Scout rifle. Several manufacturers make a modified version of this rifle, and Sheriff Jim discusses the merits of such rifles.

Drake Associates Stalker .300 Win. Mag.

It used to be folding stocks and multiple rails were the exclusive purview of tactical semi-automatic rifles. Now, even high-end rifle manufacturers recognize the utility of such features.

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