What Shot Feedback Can Tell You About Marksmanship Errors

Looking at the target after firing can tell you a lot about your shooting. Here’s a quick guide to help you spot some of the more common marksmanship errors, all based upon shooting a pistol with two hands on the gun.

How to Build Shooting Skills Without Burning Through Your Ammo

Having trouble finding ammunition or getting to the range? Here is a great way to maintain your skills without using precious ammo.

How to Get the Most From Your Range Training

Sheriff Jim Wilson shows you how to get the most out of your time at the range.

Review: Strikeman Laser Training System

Laser-training devices are a great way to practice while conserving ammo, and a newcomer to the market has a product that mates nicely with a smartphone app to provide excellent feedback.

Resolve To Improve

This year, resolve to improve your self defense skills.

Skills Check: The Zen Master Drill

Refine your shooting skills to the point of enlightenment with this exercise.

Skills Check: NRA Bullseye Target Drill

Occasionally re-familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship can make you a better shooter. Let's get back to basics with a standard NRA bullseye target.

How to Hone Your Handgun Skills

You have been told that repetition is the secret to improving your skills and maintaining the edge that satisfies the goals you have set for yourself.

Mental Focus vs. Mental Awareness

Shooting at the very edge of your skills envelope requires tremendous mental focus and well-developed shooting awareness. However, some shooters believe that shooting awareness and mental focus are one in the same. They are not. Using pistol shooting (combat or competition) as an example, what is the difference between the two and how can it help you hone your shooting skills to a razor’s edge?

Skills Check: Two-Target Handgun Drill

Want to incorporate movement, faster target acquisition and better accuracy into your practice routine? Try this two-target drill with your personal-defense handgun.

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