Self-Defense Training: Clearing Hurdles & Obstacles

If you’re nervous about taking a self-defense class, here are some ways to allay your fears and take that vital first step toward becoming a better, more confident shooter.

How to Build Your Self-Defense & CCW Skills

Never stop reaching for the next level in your quest for self-improvement.

The Problems With Small Self-Defense Guns

Small pistols are all the rage now, but the smaller the pistol, the bigger the need for training and practice.

Learning From Your Failures in Training

Failure may not be fun, but it is the best tool for learning. Use it to your advantage in training and improve your shooting skills.

How to Welcome the Record Number of New Gun Owners

With record firearm sales and ever-increasing ranks of new gun owners, we should be stronger than ever. Here’s how to help keep up the momentum.

Training for Personal Defense With and Without Glasses

Prescription lenses help restore our vision as we age, but what happens when you can’t find them or they get knocked off during a fight?

Everything You Need to Know About Subcompact Pistols

The last year has been pretty interesting, to say the least. It is hard to accurately interpret the information from the recent gun-buying trend. Normally, popularity is focused on what is selling and what is not. This type of sales information greatly helps the industry adjust and innovate.

The Most Common Mistakes in Your Drawstroke

Carrying a firearm for self-defense is only part of the solution. An even bigger part of your defensive plan is knowing when to draw said firearm to protect life. Once the legal and moral requirements have been met, it is all about how you draw your firearm from the holster.

Skills Check: Strength Through Strong Hand Only

For us, “Drill Practice” is isolating an individual part of a skill and focusing intently on improving or mastering it. The goal with good drill practice is to maximize overall improvement while minimizing overall effort. Success equals consistency over time. 

Skills Check: The Par 5 Drill

Incorporating different distances and target areas helps improve transitions and decision making.

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