New for 2019: Rossi Tuffy Shotgun

Built as an inexpensive, lightweight, single-shot option for a range of potential uses, the Rossi Tuffy shotgun is a new option for budget-minded shotgunners to examine.

5 Great Gear Items for a Vehicle-Preparedness Kit

In a dangerous situation, mobility is key. The following vehicle-based products will help to keep you and your gear safe, secure and prepared for whatever awaits beyond the horizon.

Range Review: Kel-Tec RDB-S Survival Carbine

Designed for survival use and easily stowed in any outdoor pack, the Kel-Tec RDB-S Survival carbine is one of the more interesting guns to emerge in recent years.

Your Car is Your Castle: Keeping a Car Gun Secured

Why should you keep a secure safe point in your car? There are a number of situations that can call for having a gun secured in a vehicle. We consider the scenarios here.

Holiday Gift Guide: 4 Awesome Accessories for Your Vehicle

The vehicle is just one of many areas where gun owners need to be prepared for a number of scenarios, and these products in our holiday gift guide improve the setup in any car or truck.

First Look: Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

One of Hornady's latest security products is its RAPiD Vehicle Safe, designed to conform to any vehicle interior.

Truck Guns

Keeping a rifle on hand in your vehicle for emergencies is a good idea.

Sling Up

A sling is a must-have accessory for your self-defense rifle or shotgun, but you must know how to prevent it from getting caught and slowing your movement.


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