Sheriff Jim Wilson

The Importance of Communication for Personal Defense

The stress and confusion of a violent criminal attack is not the place to try to work up a system of communication.

How to Use Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication for Self Defense

There’s more to preparing for personal defense than you may think.

Why You Need a Communication Plan for Self Defense

Sheriff Jim Wilson talks about the importance of establishing a communication plan with loved ones or friends when it comes to self defense scenarios.

Self-Defense & Communication: Be Careful What You Say

Of course, in the aftermath of a defensive shooting, what you say and how you say it is critical. What's also critical is to watch your words, even in private communications.

Personal-Defense Partners: Working Together for Survival

Working with a partner can greatly increase your odds of surviving a criminal attack.

Milestone: Army Ends Its Morse Code Training

Marking what indeed stands as a significant milestone in military training and communications, the U.S. Army’s 304th Military Intelligence Battalion announced this week it is ending its Morse code training at

 Fort Huachuca, AZ.


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