Hodgdon Acquires Several Western Powder Brands

Hodgdon Powder Company has acquired the Ramshot and Accurate smokeless powder brands from Western Powders, as well as the Blackhorn 209 muzzleloader brand.

Classic Guns: The Model 1886 Lebel

Did you know the first smokeless-powder, repeating military arm was fielded by France in the late 19th century? Check out the story behind the Model 1886 Lebel rifle.

Gunpowder: How It Works

What makes bullets fly? Here's a quick look at how gunpowder works, from the earliest black powder to modern-day loads.

Thought Provoking

What can a study of historical firearms and their application tell us?


A look at the stuff that makes bullets fly, from the earliest black powder to modern cartridge stuffers.


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