Anderson AM-10 Gen 2

First Look: Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 Rifles

New affordable AR-10 rifles in three different configurations.

.308 Win. vs. 7.62 NATO: What's the Difference?

The .308 Win. and 7.62 NATO are popular calibers among tactical shooters, but what's the difference between the two? Which ones can be safely shot in what guns? Find out the details here.

University of Texas Police Buy Battle Rifle Company AR-15s

The University of Texas Police Department recently equipped its Special Response Team with these AR-15 rifles from Battle Rifle Company.

BTNI Arms Announces New .308 Battle Rifle

BTNI Arms unveiled its new .308 Battle Rifle for sale in the US and for export to foreign militaries.

M14 to M1A: The Last .308 Battle Rifle

The qualities that make the M14 battle rifle so desired for the military still are alive and well in the semi-automatic M1A versions for civilian shooters.


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