Review: Springfield Armory M1A Standard Issue Rifle

Robert Sadowski takes an in-depth look at the M1A from Springfield, which has its roots deep in U.S. Military history.

New for 2018: Brownells Retro Rifles

Brownells joined the ranks of firearm manufacturers with the launch of the company's Retro Rifles lineup. Take a look at the new models here.

First Look: SureFeed E2 AR-15 Magazines

The new SureFeed E2 AR-15 magazine is the result of the company's near half-century of experience producing AR magazines.

USAF Adopts Magpul PMag

A year after the Marine Corps adopted the Magpul PMag, the Air Force joined suit, announcing that it would replace its Enhanced Performance Magazines with the Gen 3 Pmag.

DD Magazine from Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense introduces its durable, reliable and easy-to-use 32-round rifle magazine.

7.62x39 vs. .300 Blackout

Debating between the 7.62x39 mm and .300 Blackout for your next AR (or upper) purchase? Here are some things to consider before parting with your cash.

CMMG and Faxon Piston AR Review

Both the CMMG Mod4 SA and Faxon ARAK21 are piston-driven, AR-15-based rifles offering a twist on the Stoner design.

On the Front Line of Freedom Gallery

Here are some of America's finest guns being used by some of its finest people.

Guns of the Enemy in Afghanistan

Gunpundit's Shelby Murdoc takes a look at the guns the Taliban and al Qaeda are using in Afghanistan from AKs to Enfields and beyond.


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