Extar Glock magazine

First Look: Extar Glock Magazine

A new, high-strength option for your Glock 9mm pistol.

Glock Aftermarket Magazine Roundup

There’s more than one way to feed your Glock pistol.

New for 2019: TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle in .460 Rowland

To pack more power in a pistol-caliber survival platform, TNW Firearms released a new model of its popular Aero Survival Rifle chambered in .460 Rowland.

New for 2018: Century Arms Draco NAK9 Pistol

Designed for use with Glock pistol magazines, the Century Arms Draco NAK9 pistol is a range-ready 9 mm pistol with the familiarity of the AK platform.

ETS Introduces Clear Polymer Glock Mags

The new clear polymer Glock magazines from ETS Group feature extended capacity while still being competition-legal.

Magpul PMag15 Glock 19 Magazine

Magpul releases the company's long-awaited 15-round magazine for the Glock 19.

9 mm Hydra MARCK-15 Rifle Designed to Use Glock Magazines

Having a long gun and handgun that share ammunition is one thing. When they share magazines as well, it's worth investigating.

Vickers Tactical Magazine Floor Plates

Vickers Tactical has an update for your Glock magazine that's worth a look.


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