KelTec Sub2000 carbine facing left

KelTec Sub2000 Carbine Selected for School Resource Deputies

KelTec's Sub2000 carbine has been selected for school resource deputies in Brevard County, Florida.

Orlando PD Chooses SIG Sauer Duty Rifle

After adopting the SIG Sauer P226, the Orlando, FL, Police Department chose the SIG Virtus as its go-to patrol rifle.

Florida & Arkansas Police Departments Choose SIG Sauer P320

Since the U.S. military's adoption of the SIG Sauer P320 design, numerous police departments have chosen the platform as their duty pistol.

6 Hot New Guns from Taurus USA in 2018

Taurus USA entered 2018 with renewed vigor, launching a number of innovative guns with an eye toward quality, durability and reliability. Here are six new guns from the company.

Florida Expedites 82,000 Military Concealed Carry Licenses

The Florida commissioner of agriculture announced that the department expedited 82,000 concealed-carry license applications for current military members and veterans.

SCCY Firearms Moving to Tennessee

SCCY Firearms announced a $22.5 million expansion with the construction of a new plant in Tennessee.

Florida Concealed-Carry Permits Now Renewable Online

Florida, a state with more than 1.6 million licensed concealed carry holders, made it easier to renew its CWL every seven years.

Hurricane Evacuations Trigger Florida’s New Concealed-Carry Law

Hurricane Matthew evacuations are allowing Florida residents to temporarily carry firearms without a permit.

Florida Expedites 50K Concealed Carry Permits for Military

Following the attack against military personnel in Chattanooga, TN, Florida expedited concealed carry permits for military members and veterans.

Governors Take Action to Arm and Protect Guard Members

The governors of eight states have issued unprecedented executive orders in the past week, authorizing National Guardsmen to be armed at recruiting centers and other facilities in the wake of the July 16 deadly shooting rampage at military facilities in Chattanooga, TN, that killed five U.S. military personnel.

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