New Rifles for 2020

Plenty of new rifles were launched in 2020; here are just some of the new offerings released this year.

New AR-Style Rifles for 2020

The demand for "America's Rifle" is still going strong, and manufacturers are still producing new models. Here's just a few of the new AR-style rifles released in 2020.

Review: Del-Ton DTI Evolution AR-15

The Del-Ton DTI Evolution AR-15 takes modularity to the next step with a few user-friendly features that provide extra versatility.

Ten ARs for Under $1,000

The AR-buying frenzy has subsided, but that has made for some good deals on a host of solid rifles. Here are 10 ARs that list for around $1,000, but actually retail for much less.

Del-Ton DTI Evolution

Thanks to the modularity of the AR, manufacturers can easily change many of its features to fit the preferences of shooters.

New AR from Del-Ton

Del-Ton Incorporated will be introducing its new DTI Evolution at SHOT Show 2013.

Del-Ton TRX Gallery

The Del-Ton TRX features high-end aftermarket accessories in an easy-to-handle package.

Del-Ton TRX

When the first big run on all things AR-related hit us in late 2008, everything from premium barrels to the most basic components became scarce. Even those of us who saw it coming and planned ahead felt the inevitable crunch when demand exceeded supply.

Del-Ton Incorporated Now Shipping DTI Extreme Duty Modern Sporting Rifle

Del-Ton Incorporated has begun shipping its new DTI Extreme Duty AR-15 style modern sporting rifle (MSR).

Del-Ton DTI TRX AR-15

Del-Ton's new AR is now available in Flat Dark Eart and matte black.

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