First Look: Ultradyne C4 Sighting System

With the launch of its new C4 sighting system, Ultradyne is changing the way traditional iron sights operate. See how the unique setup works here.

Blackhawk Folding Back-Up Iron Sights

One way to keep Mr. Murphy at bay is to install a set of backup sights on your rifle or carbine.

Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Iron Sights

Magpul's MBUS Pro Offset sights allow rifles with mounted optics an option should co-witnessing not be possible.

YHM Flip Rear Sight

Sure, the optics on your AR-platform rifle are robust and tested, but why not have a sturdy set of iron sights as a bit of insurance?

Using Iron Sights on an AR-15 Gallery

Using Iron Sights on an AR-15


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