How to Choose the Right Buckshot Load for Home Defense

Defensive shotgun ammunition goes light years beyond “double-aught buck.” Here's a rundown of how to choose the right buckshot load for your purposes.

The Great Equalizer: Shotguns & 00 Buckshot

Rifles and handguns certainly have their place in certain scenarios, but there's one platform that Sheriff Jim prefers in a close-range encounter: a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot.

Range Review: Remington V3 TAC-13 Compact

The latest in the shotshell-firing firearms world is the semi-automatic TAC-13 Compact, bringing the birdshead-capped concept to the semi-auto platform.

Range Review: Stoeger P3000 Freedom Series Defense Pump Shotgun

Stoeger built on its line of affordably priced home-defense shotguns by upping magazine capacity on its P3000 Freedom Series Defense Pump shotgun.

Home-Defense Shotgun Handling: Which Stance is Best?

With a home-defense shotgun, your stance is key to making hits and providing follow-up shots. But, which shotgun stance is right for you?

First Look: TacStar Slimline Sidesaddle for Mossberg 930

Keep spare rounds on board your semi-auto Mossberg 930 shotgun with this all-new Slimline Sidesaddle shell carrier from TacStar.

First Look: American Tactical Shotgun Ammo

American Tactical Imports, known for its line of affordable shotguns, introduced its new shotgun ammo line to pair up with the company's guns.

Review: Mossberg 930 SPX 12-Gauge Shotgun

Mossberg's gas-operated, 930 SPX 12-gauge shotgun has a number of high-quality features that should make shotgunners stand up and pay attention.


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