LaserLyte Zombie Killer Edition Pistol Bayonet

The new LaserLyte Zombie Killer Edition Pistol Bayonet is another LaserLyte original.

YHM's Zombie Hunter

Yankee Hill Manufacturing's Zombie Hunter will make the undead roll over in their graves… for the last time.

Zombie Apocalypse Knife From Browning

Make sure you stay protected during the zombie outbreak with the Browning Zombie Apocalypse Knife.

Survival Grips

When is a fore-end grip more than just a grip? Why, when it's a Survival Grip, with molded finger grooves for extra stability.

Zombie Prep 101

Think you can make it through the unthinkable with your deer rifle? Think again. Unless you have the right guns, you will soon join the walking dead.

Xtreme Precision Zombie Thumper Flash Hider

Xtreme Precision offers a unique style of muzzle device for an AR-15.


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