Velocity Matters

Hitting targets a long way off depends a great deal on shooting skill. Your ability to read the wind and correct accordingly is important, too.

Velocity Triggers Launches With Drop-in AR Trigger Assembly

Velocity Triggers has launched its brand with an American made, drop-in trigger assembly that will fit all AR platforms.

Velocity Trigger AR-15 Trigger

Changing out a gritty milspec trigger with a lighter aftermarket unit can make a big difference in the overall feel of your AR-15-style rifle.

The Return of Super Vel Ammo

The ammunition manufacturer Super Vel originally responsible for marketing +P loads to defensive-minded citizens is back, and its offerings are better than ever.

Velocity Triggers Offers 3-Pound AR-15 Straight Trigger

The new AR-15 Straight Trigger from Velocity Triggers is a precision drop-in upgrade at an affordable price.

First Look: Velocity Triggers Marksman Performance Choice AR-15 Trigger

Designed to fit any mil-spec AR-15, the Velocity Triggers Marksman Performance Choice trigger provides a crisp, clean, light pull for enhanced precision.

AR-15 Gas Ports: Impacts on Accuracy and Velocity

You may have heard the old story about bolt-action rifles being more accurate and having higher muzzle velocity than AR-style variants because of the gas port, but is it true?

Dispelling Myths: Barrel Length vs. Velocity

So you think a handgun with a slightly longer barrel than another will always generate greater muzzle velocity? Guess again.

Snubbie Ballistics: .38 Special vs. .357 Magnum

Is a .357 Magnum fired from a snubnose revolver really no different a standard .38 Special? With some testing, this is an easy question to answer.

Review: .357 Ring of Fire

"Ring of Fire" has been used in country-music ballads of old, and heartburn medication and topical ointment commercials. Now, it refers to the latest in next-level .357 ammunition.

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