Remington 870 Trigger Fix from Timney

For those seeking a better trigger on their Remington 870, and there are probably a few of you given the 10 million 870s in the hands of shooters, a solution is at long last available from Timney.

Glock Trigger Fix

Even Glock fanboys complain about the popular handgun's enigmatic trigger. Here's how to improve your Glock's trigger from the comfort of home.

Timney Drop-In Trigger for Ruger 10/22

An hour of your time with some simple hand tools, and Timney's replacement trigger group will increase the accuracy of your Ruger 10/22.

Get in Shape for Shooting

Shooting is like any other sport, so you need to be in the best shape possible to perform. Whether for competition or self-defense, learn how to get in shape with specific exercises for running your firearm.

No Surprises

If I have heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times. "When you pull the trigger, it should surprise you when the gun goes off."

X-Treme Shooting Products Fail-Safe M700 Replacement Trigger

With over twenty-five years of development the X-Treme Shooting Products "Fail-Safe" replacement trigger for M700 series rifles may well be the finest bolt action trigger in the industry.

Timney Triggers Introduces Replacement Trigger for Today's Model 70 Rifles

Give your new Winchester Model 70 a big upgrade with this new trigger.

Building a better Bang Switch

Despite the prolific numbers of commercially manufactured ARs, they all possess the same Achilles heel. Thankfully, there are some aftermarket options that can make America's rifle even better.

High Performance Firearms Hipertouch 24 3Gun AR15/10 trigger

A new trigger for 3-gun shooters is available from Hiperfire.

Getting Defensive About Triggers

Most custom firearm owners are far from fickle when it comes to accessories and features, but building a firearm for someone else forces you to venture outside your comfort zone and think outside the box.

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